How to Scale or Resize PDF Printable Files

by LindaM

How to Resize PDF Printables for your Junk Journals

Learn just how easy it is to scale or resize pdf printable files so you can get the most use out of your printables.

Printables are fun, creative, and easy to use. All you need to do is to purchase the digital file, download it, print it out and use it! It couldn’t be any easier. And the best thing about printables is that you can print them out and use them over and over again.

When you purchase a printable pdf file, it’s usually designed to print in one particular size. While the original size might be ideal for your purpose, there are times when you might want to print the file in a different size so you can reuse it in a different way. Although at first glance it might seem difficult, pdf files are flexible in their use so it’s quite easy to resize and scale them.

Options to Scale or Resize PDF Printable Files

In this video tutorial I’m sharing several different ways that you can scale and resize pdf printable files:

  • using the sizing and scaling options that are available in Adobe Acrobat
  • by converting the pdf document into jpg files which gives you even more flexibility when resizing

In the tutorial I’m demonstrating these resizing options using some of my own junk journal printables, you can apply these techniques to any type of pdf document.


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How to Scale or Resize PDF Printable Files

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