How to Get Started with a Creative Journal in 4 Easy Steps

by LindaM

How to Get Started with Creative Journaling in 4 Easy Steps

Discover just how easy and fun it can be to get started with creative journaling.

Creative journaling is a great way to add a little extra fun and creativity to your journaling practice.

Using a combination of words and written sentiments together with visual elements such as images and clipart, it can be used as way to express your innermost thoughts, or it can be used as a simple artistic practice or hobby.

Whether you’re a beginner or more of a tradition journaler, it’s easy to get started with creative journaling.

How to Get Started with Creative Journaling

1. Select a Journal

The first step to get started with creative journaling is to find a journal that you will enjoy using regularly.

The journal pages should not be too large otherwise it can be a challenge to fill them and you may end up being discouraged or just give up completely. A journal with smaller pages is much easier to use because there is not as much space to fill on each page.

You could purchase a journal with blank pages, or do it yourself and make your own.

2. Set Aside Some Time

The benefits of creative journaling become apparent when you journal regularly, so it’s important to find a time that works for you.

Set aside some regular “me time” to work in your journal. This can be as little as 15 minutes each day or evening. Or you could even set aside an hour sometime during the weekend. What’s most important is that you pick a time schedule that you’ll remember and stick to it.

3. Gather Inspiration

Inspiration for making layouts in your creative journal can be found in lots of different places. Use an ideas journal to keep a record of the things that capture your attention. Make notes and keep images that you can use as journaling inspiration for page layouts.

Some suggestions for inspiration:

  • the beauty of nature
    take a walk through a forest or nature reserve and observe all the beauty that surrounds you
  • a favorite quotation
    we all have favorite quotations that touch our hearts and souls
  • magazine articles
    certain topics, words or phrases in magazine articles sometimes catch our imagination
  • beautiful images or photos
    images invoke powerful feelings
  • research a subject that fascinates you
    if there is a certain subject that you have been wanting to research, this can provide interesting inspiration for journaling
  • your own feelings and thoughts
    makes a note of the things that touch your heart and soul; the things that make you feel happy or sad

4. Making a Journal Page Layout

Once you’ve selected a journal, set aside some personal time, and found your inspiration, the final step is to make your journal page layout.

With your inspiration in mind, search out words and images that help to tell that story. You can find images and words in magazines or books, and you can find photos on free online photo sharing websites. You can even use printables.

Cut out the words and images and play around with them, layering and positioning them in different ways until you’re happy with the way things look and then glue the pieces in place. Allow your intuition to guide you.

If you start to feel frustrated, set things aside for a while and then come back to it. Forcing things to be or look a certain way never works successfully. It’s easier to just let things flow.

Make it Easy to Get Started with Creative Journaling

An easy way to get started with creative journaling is to use these creative printables that I designed just for beginners.

Creative Journaling for Beginners

If you’re stuck for inspiration and guidance, watch this video and download the free printable ephemera to get you started.

Download the Free Vintage Ephemera Printables

These free printables are available for download in the Free Junk Journal Printables Library.

Free Junk Journal Printables

Free Junk Journal Printables Library

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How to Get Started with Creative Journaling in 4 Easy Steps

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