10 Great Things to Write About in a Journal

by LindaM
10 Things to Write About in a Journal

If you’ve every been stuck for inspiration, discover all the different things to write about in a journal.

It’s well documented that journaling is an effective tool that can be used as a healthy daily practice for self-growth and happiness. It’s the perfect place to release all those pent up thoughts and feelings. Once all that stuff is on paper, it just feels better.

However there are lots of other different ways that you can use a journal as well as lots of different things to write about in a journal.

I personally have many different types of journals. I find that keeping a daily journal is a great way to keep my thoughts organized and to learn to live in the present moment. I like to use a journal every day to capture creative ideas. And I also like to keep a gratitude journal that I use every night before I go to sleep.

Regardless of the way that you use your journal, remember, your journal is your space and you don’t have to share it with anyone. Whatever you journal about is your own private thoughts and feelings.

10 Things to Write About in a Journal

If you’re stuck for inspiration, use these ideas as a starting point for your own journaling journey. Once you’ve got started, I’m sure you’ll discover even more things to write about in a journal.

1. Daily Journal Prompts

One of the easiest ways to find inspiration for things to write about in a journal is through journal prompts. Journal prompts are thought-provoking questions that you can use as a way to get started writing in your journal. The great thing about journal prompts is that the thoughts and ideas they reveal in your answers will be from your own unique viewpoint.

To get started, when you read the prompt simply start writing whatever comes into your head. How do the words make you feel? What are your thoughts about the question?

You don’t have to write a lengthy entry, but at the very least write one line.

If you’d like some daily journaling inspiration, sign up for my free journaling challenges, or check out my online store where you can find creative printable daily prompts.

2. Inspirational Quotes or Affirmations

You can keep things simple by keeping a journal of your favorite inspirational quotes or affirmations. This type of journal is one that you can browse through when times get tough. Uplifting words always help to boost your mood.

Make sure to choose quotes or affirmations that make you feel good as this gives you something positive to focus on. When you focus on positive words, it helps to build up a more positive mindset. You will find literally thousands of positive quotes and affirmations online.

3. Memories and Moments

What better way to capture your special memories and moments than by capturing them in a journal.

Special moments can be forgotten as time passes. By writing down the memory, or saving a photo or piece of ephemera in your journal, your special times are recorded forever.

4. Goals and Dreams

When thinking of things to write about in a journal, consider your dreams and goals. What are the things you dream about being, doing or having? What goals would you like to achieve?

Goals and dreams are never ending. Once you achieve one, there’s always another waiting. In this way you can move forward in your life with an end goal in sight.

You can use your journal to help you to achieve things in life. Setting weekly or monthly goals will help to keep you focused on the things you really want. Studies show that writing down your goals helps you to get clear about what’s really important in your life. And this in turn will help you manifest them into your life.

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5. Capture your Nightly Dreams

Keeping a dream journal to capture your nightly dreams can also have benefits in your waking life. It helps to process emotions and fuel your creativity. Recording your dreams in your dream journal can help you keep track of those fantastic creative ideas that come alive in your dreams.

To get the most from your dream journal, write down your dreams as soon as you wake up. This is the best way to remember them. You will probably find that in the beginning you won’t remember everything, but as time passes you’ll remember more and more of your dreams.

Once they’re written down you can analyze them to determine the underlying meaning behind the events. The more you recall and reflect on the events of your dreams, the more sense they will make. Over time you’ll begin to see patterns which in turn can help you spot behavioral patterns in your life.

Daily Journal Prompt Cards

6. Express Gratitude

Another easy journaling technique is to write down one thing that you are grateful for each day. Keeping a gratitude journal can transform your life in amazing ways.

One of the main benefits of keeping a gratitude journal is that it helps to remind you of all the wonderful things in your life. This is particularly helpful when life gets hard and challenging. Focusing on the good things in life helps to maintain a positive outlook.

7. Creative Ideas

Have you ever had a brilliant idea and said to yourself “I must write that down when I get home”? And then by the time you get home it’s all but forgotten. A journal for capturing your creative ideas will ensure that your brilliant ideas are never forgotten.

As well as capturing your basic ideas, this type of journal is particularly helpful for developing and organizing them further.

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8. One Line a Day

A one line a day journal is one of the easiest journals to use. With only one line to write, it only takes minutes to complete.

There is an endless list of things you can write in your one line a day journal.

  • make note of your mood, or better still, write in the morning about how you want to feel during the day
  • a favorite saying, quotation or affirmation
  • something you’re grateful for

9. Let it Go

Keeping a journal specifically for writing down the things that bother you is an effective way to let go of anger and release negative emotions. This process also helps to reduce your overall stress.

When you write down your worries and problems, it gives you the opportunity to clearly see and identify the source of your issues. You can then reflect on them to find solutions. This is difficult to do when they’re floating around inside your head.

10. Bucket List

A Bucket List Journal is the perfect type of journal for keeping track of all the things you’ve always wanted to do. These could be things you have not yet gotten around to doing, or things you hope to get done in the future.

In this journal you can let your imagination run free, imagining all the wonderful adventures and experiences out there that you have yet to explore.

Final Thoughts

As you can see from this list there are so many different things to write about in a journal. If you’ve been stuck for ideas for your journaling practice, I hope you’ve found some inspiration. The most important thing though about journaling, is to pick a topic and get started!

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10 Things to Write About in a Journal

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