Simple Guidelines For Making a Creative Vision Board Journal

by LindaM

Simple Guidelines For Making a Creative Vision Board Journal

Use these simple guidelines to help you get started making a vision board journal to manifest your dreams and goals.

One of the most powerful ways to manifest your dreams is by visualizing what you really want in life. A simple but truly powerful tool to help you do this is a vision board.

Vision boards are also known as a goal boards or dream boards. And although they have been around for a while, renewed interest in recent years has emerged as we realize just how powerful this tool can be in bringing your dreams to life.

While using a board is the more traditional way to create a vision for your life, a more flexible and creative option is to use a vision board journal.

A vision board journal has the same purpose as a vision board. But instead of a large piece of static board with images glued to it, your journal pages becomes an ever-changing landscape of your life’s goals and dreams.

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Simple Guidelines For Making a Creative Vision Board Journal

Making a vision board journal isn’t complicated and if you’d like to get started with your own vision board journal, you can find a free tutorial here.

As you’re making your journal, keep the following basic guidelines in mind as they are the foundation for the success of your vision board journal.

1. Choose the Right Journal

To get started, choose a journal that works best for you. This could be a journal with unlined paper or a binder with pages made from good quality cardstock.

Make sure that your journal is something that you feel comfortable using and is one that you feel you can easily work with over the coming months and years.

2. Use Images

Images are the foundation of your vision board journal and make it easy to visualize. So use images of the things that you want to see manifest in your life.

There are lots of places you can find pictures and images such as in magazines, books or newspapers. You could draw them yourself or find free images online at places such as Unsplash. You could also use creative journal printables.

What matters most is that you use images that best represent what you want to be, do or have in order to bring your vision to life. Seeing pictures of your priorities, dreams, and goals will help you more easily focus on them.

Experiment with different types of images when working in your journal. Use photographs, sketches, clip art and other images. If you can’t find an appropriate image to represent your vision, draw or sketch one, or take your own photographs.

3. Include Words or Writing

Words help to create clarity around what you want to manifest. It’s important that when you look at your vision board journal, you can exactly identify what intention is attached to each picture, word or thought.

You could write your favorite affirmation or quotation. Or just one or two words. You don’t have to do a lot of writing. Simply make it obvious about the thing that you want to manifest.

Be Creative

Your vision board journal is limited only by the extent of your personal creativity. Make sure the pages of your journal reflect your own personality.

Your journal can be be simple and strategic, or it can be a highly detailed work of art. It’s completely up to you to decide what best suits your needs. This is your journal and you can design the pages any way you want.

Vision Board Journal

Elements of Success with your Vision Board Journal

As well as the basic components of journal, images and words, an effective and motivating vision board journal should also include the following elements.

1. Visual

The subconscious mind accepts the images you create in your mind as reality so your vision board journal should be as visual as you can possibly make it. Supplement the images with phrases and words as needed.

2. Emotional

Every image in your vision board journal should evoke some type of positive emotional response. When you look at the picture, it should fuel your motivation to achieve your dreams.

3. Strategic

Your journal should be kept in a place where you can easily get access to it when you want to work on it. Seeing your vision board journal as often as possible will inspire you to want to create beautiful pages of your dreams and goals.

4. Personal

Your vision board should be filled with positive energy. If you think that you’ll be criticized or forced to justify yourself for the dreams and visions you have for your life, then keep your journal in a private space where no-one else can find it.

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Beyond the Basics

Beyond these basic guidelines, let this visualization tool be whatever you want to make of it. Ultimately, it’s yours to design, develop and utilize as you see fit.

Your dreams and goals will change over time. As you achieve one dream, a new one emerges. One of the best things about a vision board journal is that you can easily add to it and change it as your goals and focus changes.

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Simple Guidelines For Making a Vision Board Journal

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