A Guide to Moon Journaling with the 8 phases of the Moon

Guided Journaling for Each Phase of the Moon

by LindaM

A Guide to Moon Journaling

Manifest with the moon by using the moon’s energy and the lunar cycle to create a powerful moon journaling practice that will bring your dreams to life.

Moon journaling is a slightly different way to create a regular journaling practice. Instead of using the solar calendar which is based on dates, you get to use the lunar calendar and the cycles of the moon as a guide. This lunar calendar brings with it a new energy and different awareness to your journaling practice.

In this step-by-step guide learn how to take advantage of the energy of each of the moon’s eight monthly phases to create a journaling practice that will help you manifest exactly what you want in your life. During this journey you’ll discover how to live with less stress and more ease and alignment. Working with the practical nature of journaling combined with the esoteric forces of the moon, this is a fun and creative method of journaling.

What you need to get started with Moon Journaling

You need a journal or notebook and a moon phase chart so you know when each moon phase begins. If you don’t have a moon phase chart, you can find the moon phases for your location online here.

Grab this Printable Moon Journal from the online store. The printable journal has everything you need to journal with the moon including a moon phase chart.

The journal includes 4 different sizes so you can set up a binder using the A4 or letter size pages, or incorporate the pages into your existing planner using the A5 or Happy Planner pages.

Printable Moon Journal
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Create a Moon Journaling Ritual

A ritual is like a routine except that it holds special meaning. While a routine is something you might do out of habit like brushing your teeth, a ritual is more mindful and is done with purpose and intention. Creating a ritual for your moon journaling turns it into a mindful practice that holds special meaning for you.

A journaling ritual can be easily set up by dedicating a time to do your journaling and finding a place where you can be alone. To make the ritual special, you could make a cup of tea, light a candle or play some soothing music to enhance the mood. There is no right or wrong way to set up a ritual; simply create a time and space and set it up in a way that feels right for you.

Journaling Ritual

The best time to journal with the moon

Ideally, the best time to journal with the moon is at the time of the moon phase or as soon as possible after the cycle has actually started. If you’re pressed for time or aren’t able to get started immediately, you have a few days grace. Each phase lasts for three or four days so you can get started during that time, but make sure it gets done before the next phase begins.

Although this article describes moon journaling using 8 phases of the moon, you can also journal during the two main phases of the new moon and the full moon. Or even during the four phases of the new moon, the first quarter moon, the full moon, and the last quarter moon. Using the printable moon journal, just pick the pages you want to use and get started.

Phase One: New Moon

During the first phase, the new moon is at the beginning of it’s lunar cycle and is hidden from view.

Manifest with the Moon

The new moon energy is all about new beginnings and new opportunities so this is the perfect time to make new intentions and reevaluate existing ones.

New Moon Intentions

Because this first moon phase is the beginning of the moon’s cycle, it’s important to set things up for the month ahead. This is the first step in moving toward the things that you want to bring into your life. Once this phase has passed, you won’t get the opportunity again for another month.

The process of making new moon intentions can be as simple as sitting down and writing out a list of all your hopes, dreams and wishes. But the magic of creating powerful intentions comes from turning this opportunity into a regular practice over time, and setting positive intentions that will guide you through the month.

Intentions vs Goals

Don’t confuse intentions with goals; they are different things. Intentions are in the present moment and are about how you feel right now about your life. They are about the emotions. Goals tend to be focused on the future and require specific steps to get there. They are about the journey. For example, an intention would be “I intend to lose weight to feel more healthy”. A goal would consist of the steps that will get you there.

A Guide to Moon Journaling

Do a Review

The new moon is good time for turning inward and reflecting on the past month. You can use this time to re-center yourself and then set new intentions that make you feel more aligned in your everyday life.

Before you begin setting your intentions, take some time to review the past month. If any of the goals or dreams you had during that time didn’t work out or are not yet fully realized, you can add them to your current list. If they no longer hold any interest for you, you can discard them completely and let them go.

Once you’ve cleared away the past, take some time to think about the things you’d like to be, do or have. Consider what things you’d like to invite into your world that will make you feel better or happier, or more in alignment with your true self. Feeling is the key to setting great intentions. Once you have some ideas, make a list and write them down.

You can write as many intentions as you like. During the next moon’s phase you’ll get to choose which ones are most important, but for now this is a time to feel excited about the possibilities that the future holds.

Phase Two: Waxing Crescent

The moon is waxing and beginning to illuminate.

A Guide to Moon Journaling

This is the time to refine your vision and get clear about what you need to do to bring your dreams to life. Choose up to three goals from your new moon wish list and write out several action steps you can take right now to get started. Only work with several goals at a time otherwise it gets too complicated and you’ll become discouraged. You can always choose other new goals during this phase of the next moon cycle.

Phase Three: First Quarter

The moon is balanced, half light and half dark.

Guided Journaling for Each Phase of the Moon

This is the time to take consistent action. Break down your goals into small actionable daily steps that will move you in the direction of your dreams.

Phase Four: Waxing Gibbous

The moon is three quarters illuminated.

Guided Journaling for Each Phase of the Moon

This is the time to trust in the power of your intentions and continue to take action. Keep track of the things you have accomplished and how they make you feel.

Phase Five: Full Moon

The moon is fully illuminated and at its most powerful.

Guided Journaling for Each Phase of the Moon

This is the time to realign your goals and release the things that are preventing you from manifesting your heart’s desires. List the changes that need to be made and the things that need to be released.

Phase Six: Waning Gibbous

The moon is beginning to wane and become less illuminated.

Guided Journaling for Each Phase of the Moon

This is the time to look inward and be thankful. Reflect on your intentions, goals and dreams and feel gratitude for what you have accomplished.

Phase Seven: Last Quarter

The moon is once again balanced, half light and half dark.

Guided Journaling for Each Phase of the Moon

This is the time to clear the pathway to the next new moon. Make a list of the things that have worked and the things that have not. Let go of the mistakes, worries and negative thinking that has held you back this month.

Phase Eight: Waning Crescent

The moon is almost gone.

Guided Journaling for Each Phase of the Moon

This is the time to rest and restore your energy in preparation for the next new moon. List the ways you can practice self-care, move with the flow of life, and simply surrender to the world around you.

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How to Manifest with the Moon

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