How to Print and Cut Printable Stickers

by Linda Matthews

How to Download the Files

The printable fussy cuts files are complied into a zip file. You will need an unzip program such as izip or 7-zip to extract them.

How to Print

Set your printer to print at 100% actual size. The wording for this setting may be different depending on what type of printer or software you are using.

Open the pdf file in a pdf reader such as Adobe Reader and print out the pages. You can print the files onto good quality copy paper, or you can print them onto white sticker paper or clear sticker sheets to make stickers. Your printer may have a special paper setting for sticker paper. If not, print at high quality for best results, then allow to dry before using.

How to Cut

  • By hand
    Cut the stickers by hand using scissors or a craft knife. For complex shapes, leave a small margin around the edges.
  • Silhouette Cameo
    • If your download includes a file for silhouette cameo, open the “Studio3” folder and open the files in Silhouette Cameo software.
    • Place the printed page on a cutting mat and feed it into your machine.
    • Choose “White Sticker Paper” and adjust the blade, thickness and speed to match your sticker paper.
    • Click “Send to Silhouette”.

You can find additional information about printing using Silhouette here on the Silhouette website.

  • Cricut
    • Open the PNG files.
    • In Cricut Design Space, create a “New Project”.
    • Click “Upload” and choose “Upload Image”.
    • Select the PNG file that you want to print and cut.
    • Click “Complex”, “Continue”, then “Continue” again.
    • Select “Save as a Print Then Cut image” and click “Save”.
    • Select the image you have just uploaded and click “Insert Image”.
    • Click on the image and change the width to 6.3″ for Happy Planner Classic.
    • Connect your computer to Cricut Design Space and click “Make It” at the top right of the screen.
    • Click “Continue”.
    • Click “Send to Printer”, choose your Printer, choose whether to add a bleed or not and click “Print”. Tip: If your Cricut cuts slightly off, adding a bleed can help.
    • Place the sticker sheet on your cutting mat and click the button on your Cricut machine to start cutting.

You can find additional information about printing using Cricut here on the Cricut website.

How to Make Stickers for Digital Planners and Journals

While these files are intended to be used as printables, you can also use the stickers in your digital planners and journals. To do this you will need to extract each of the stickers individually from the PNG file in a photo editing program such as Photoshop using the selection tool or the laso tool.