Journaling using the Moon as your Guide

by LindaM

Moon Journal

Join me in this online class as we explore journaling, rituals, and creative journal-making using the mystical moon as our guide.

Moon journaling is a slightly different way to create a regular journaling practice. Instead of using the solar calendar (our standard Gregorian calendar), you get to use the lunar calendar and the cycles of the moon as a guide. This lunar calendar brings with it a new energy and different awareness to your journaling practice.

The New Moon

The new moon is the time when the moon is aligned between the earth and the sun, and the moon is in shadow and hidden from view. In many cultures it’s believed to be the ideal time to harness this energy and use it to set intentions and clear a path to allow our visions to surface in reality. A new moon offers a new opportunity to start again and set in motion that which we truly desire.

The Full Moon

The full moon is the time when the earth, the moon and the sun are once again in alignment, but the moon is on the opposite side of the earth with the sunlit part of the moon is facing us. This lunar energy offers us an opportunity for focusing on the things that we are grateful for, and for releasing that which is no longer working in our lives.

The Mystical Moon Journal Video Workshop

In this video workshop learn how to make this beautiful little moon journal and discover how to journal using the lunar cycles as your calendar. Create monthly rituals so that you can harvest the energy of the moon to set intentions with every new moon, and clear space and let go at every full moon.

Moon Journal

Moon Journal

Moon Journal

Moon Journal

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