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Free Beginner Tutorial – How to Make a Printable Junk Journal

Beginner Printable Junk Journal Tutorial

I love to use printable pages and journal kits to make my journals because they’re so easy and creative to use. Printable journal kits usually have a theme and color story, as well as beautiful imagery, which gives a cohesive look to your journals. Plus, you can sew on the pages just like fabric. You can see more photos of my printable journals here.

In this free tutorial, I’m sharing the process for making a basic junk journal using printable journal pages. This journal is perfect if you’re new to making printable junk journals, or you aren’t quite sure how to use printable journal kits.

These journals can be made using about 6 to 12 pages depending on the thickness of the paper, plus a few embellishments such as pockets, journal cards and tags. They are easy to make and can be assembled quite quickly.

Although this printable junk journal tutorial is a great way to get started, if you’re ready to be more adventurous with printable journals, you might want to check out these online classes:
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