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Every Word Matters

Where we are in life doesn’t matter nearly as much as how we respond to where we are in life. In Every Word Matters, key words such as believe, create, faith, and hope will help you wholeheartedly embrace your present season, no matter how messy it is.

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52-Week Intention Journal

This guided journal provides thought-provoking prompts that help you live with greater intention through weekly reflection, gratitude, and connection.

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An Intentional Life

This book is a pause. It’s a gentle reminder to bring more intention into your days so you can enjoy life so much more. It’s a reminder of the simple things in life and how easy they are to overlook.

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Everyday Mindfulness

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Develop a
Positive Mindset

Develop a Positive Mindset

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Manifest Your
Dream Life

Manifest Your Dream Life

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